Shop with Susan - Self-Care Black Friday

Nov 23rd, 4pm EST


Mark your calendars for Black Friday


It's the once a year special you don't want to miss! Join us for the biggest episode of Shop with Susan as Director of Education in North America, Susan Carroll, reveals this year's Black Friday gift and shares her favorite tips and tricks to recreating the perfect spa experience at home. Be among the first to shop Black Friday exclusives.


From hydrating essentials to cult-favorites that brighten and calm, join Susan Carroll, Director of Education for North America as she shares how to give your skin a healthy glow with the right self-care. Discover tips and tricks best suited to your skin’s potential.



Discover how to maximize the benefits of your regimen with James Campbell, Field Executive for North America. In this virtual appointment style series he speaks with special guest's live about the products they are using and why. Hear expert recommendations based on specific skincare needs,

concerns, and lifestyle to help achieve your ideal skin.


with Clyde Johnson

Aug 5th, 4pm EST

Meet our beloved barrier serum - The Concentrate - with a newly advanced, antioxidant-rich formula. Hear from the Global Head of Skincare Artistry Clyde Johnson as he shares the science behind antioxidant protection and tips for strengthening your skin's barrier.